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Meet Cait Holmes

My name is Caitlin Holmes, but please call me Cait!

As an award-winning broker with years of experience, I have made it my mission at Cait Holmes Mortgage Designers to be your broker for life, not just for a single transaction. I pride myself on providing personalized solutions for all your mortgage needs.

Apart from my passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals, I am also the founder of River Kids, a nonprofit organization that supports families financially when their children face a health crisis.

My commitment to helping others extends to every aspect of my work.


More About River Kids

River Kids offers a helping hand in times of need.

We understand the emotional and financial challenges that families with sick children face. By partnering with local businesses and community members, River Kids alleviates financial stress and weaves a supportive network for families navigating their difficult journey.

At Cait Holmes Mortgage Designers, we're proud to stand behind River Kids and contribute to making a difference in our beautiful Powell River community.


Cait Holmes Mortgage Designers Mission Statement

To create a strong foundation based on integrity. To always have our customer’s interest be a priority, no matter what, so each time we exceed their expectations.

We will be the source of up-to-date mortgage industry information and maintain high trust relationships with our clients, business partners, team members, and community.

We are committed to sustaining a superior level of integrity and excellence so that our clients feel empowered to make important financial decisions.

Check out our stellar reviews and service awards.  

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